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Manufacturing in the UK since 1956

Kids Beds Oxford

Here at Scallywag Kids, we craft and manufacture customisable kids beds and furniture from our ethical factory in Yorkshire. Our beds are so well loved because every single one of our bespoke creations is stylish, comfortable and unique. We are proud to have been providing families in Oxford and all over the country with our beds for over 60 years. Many of these beds are specially crafted to grow along with your little one… making your Scallywags’ bed a brilliant investment. Each of our pieces is made with love, care and precision using the finest Northern Scandinavian pinewood. Our continued commitment to environmental sustainability means our pinewood is purchased exclusively from reliably managed and responsible forests.

We are a company composed of loving parents, so we are firm believers in every child deserving the best. We deliver that in our exquisite children’s beds straight from our factory in Yorkshire. We are passionate about safety, durability and practicality while keeping design, style and uniqueness at the heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves on being innovative and inventive with our manufacturing.

Why Choose Our Kids Beds ?

We have spent over six decades designing, manufacturing and supplying beds to kids and to their parents. This invaluable experience means we have long learnt just what encourages the best night’s sleep and the sweetest of dreams. When crafting our beds, we pay diligent attention to every detail from design to delivery. We offer kids beds in a range of colours, styles and shapes as we pay specific attention to the individuality of every child. With our bespoke range of contemporary kids beds and furniture, every little one can find a bed that perfectly suits their personality.

As both parents and bed manufacturers, we know sleep quality is imperative in the development of our kids and teenagers. This is why we are not only passionate about beds that look beautiful, but that also provide your child with the utmost comfort. We craft beds that inspire enthusiasm for bedtime, while encouraging sleep by being strong, secure and comfortable.

Each of our beds comes with matching furniture configurations, meaning your child’s bedroom will be well designed and packed with personality. Our varied customisable beds are crafted to suit a range of requirements. Whether you’re looking for a stunning bunk bed for two, the ultimate space saving bed with one of our popular cabin beds, or a sleek storage bed for your little one’s clothes, books or toys – we offer the ideal bedtime solution.

Here at Scallywag Kids, you can find:

  • Cabin Beds
  • Bunk Beds
  • Convertible Beds
  • Mid Sleeper Beds
  • High Sleeper Beds
  • Toddler Beds
  • Storage Beds
  • Single Beds
  • Shorty Beds
  • Box Room Beds
  • Captain’s Beds
  • Sleepover Beds
  • Adult Beds


We provide you and your family with beds that dreams are made of and we do this by putting children at the centre of everything we do. As a result, parents around the country can rest assured in the quality of our bedroom furniture. Find the perfect bed for your little one here at Scallywag Kids today.