Manufacturing Beds & Bedroom Furniture in the UK since 1956

Here at Scallywag Kids, we pride ourselves on being kids beds manufacturers who do things a little differently. We design, manufacture and supply our beds and furniture as parents who want the best for our children and children all over the UK. This means we use materials of the highest quality and we manufacture with expert precision to ensure safety and durability. We have been in the industry for over 60 years, and for the last three decades, we have been a family business.

Our role as parents means we identified a need for beds and associated furniture that grows with kids from toddler right through to teenager. We wanted to craft beds that are beautiful and kid-friendly, sophisticated yet playful and sustainable for both family and the environment too. Our commitment to great beds and happy families has resulted in countless happy customers all over the UK. We all know the importance of good sleep for little ones and teenagers, and here at Scallywag Kids we help you get there.

In this blog, we are taking you on a journey of the creation of our kids beds – from our sourcing of sustainable timber right through to the delivery to a little one’s bedroom. You will find out some insider secrets about our processes and just what separates us from the crowd. Our guiding principles are:


Excellence of Design

Exceptional Quality

Reputation and Client Assurance

A lot has changed since we began manufacturing over 60 years ago, but our priorities remain the same:


We know that our timber is the very foundation of the beds we manufacture. This is why we use sustainable timber of the highest quality. We also manufacture with expert precision with nuts and bolts in all the right places, so parents can rest easy knowing their kids are in beds made with the best materials.


As parents ourselves, we know how quickly kids can grow! This can mean having to buy new clothes, toys and shoes as things never last long. We make convertible beds that grow with your child saving parents the stress of having to find new beds that are strong, comfortable, stylish and built to last.

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Value for Money

We ensure we offer value for money by ensuring our beds remain stylish, of incredibly high quality and are built to last. This means parents are truly getting the best for their families with a Scallywag Kids bed because we are the best at what we do. We offer custom kids beds so every little one can have a bedroom that is unique to their personality. Parents get more than just a bed for their children; a sweet haven that dreams are quite literally made in. 


While looks aren’t everything, we know that when it comes to interior design, it’s pretty important! With our kids beds, that come with matching furniture and storage options, your little one’s bedroom ends up being the style capital of the whole house.

These principles have helped us to evolve throughout the years into the brand we are today. A business that places focus on high standards and happy customers. Read more to learn about some of our means of doing so.

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Sourcing Our Sustainable Timber 

We are committed to ensuring our materials are sustainable and carefully sourced. All our timber is carefully sourced from Northern Scandinavia with emphasis on sound and tightly grained products. We buy exclusively from reliably managed and responsible forests where the mills advocate a policy of biodiversity and regeneration. 

Our Designing Expertise

Our in house designs are created from our decades of experience of manufacturing, together with our own experience as parents and from listening to our customers. We are proud to be inspired by children and have gained decades of invaluable experience in making beds that make them happy. We use a range of colours and designs and match them perfectly to suit a range of aesthetics. Our expert eyes know a colour combination when we see one and we love using these keen eyes to make beds that not only feel great – but look great too.

Our Product Photography

We know that when it comes to kids beds, high-quality photography is required to highlight the beauty and suitability of our products. We work with Photography Works on our photoshoots. When it comes to product imagery, it needs to be of the highest standard, so our customers are able to see just how good our products look in a living space. We love our photography sessions because the results truly bring our beds and furniture to life for our customers.

Our Sturdy Packaging.

We expect our beds and furniture to get to our customers in perfect condition, so we work with the best packaging companies to ensure this. Simpson Packaging and Boxes And Packaging provide bespoke packaging solutions for Scallywag Kids products, so you can be confident your new items arrive without a scratch.

Our Kids Bed Deliveries

Furniture transit is no easy feat! A reliable delivery service for your new kids bed will give you peace of mind and ensure your new items arrive safe and sound. To make sure your products arrive in their sturdy packaging punctually and safely, we only put our trust in the best delivery services we can. 

A Happy Home

As parents, we have long learnt that happy kids make a happy home. And what makes happy kids? A supportive family life, friends, fun, snacks and a good night’s sleep in a bedroom they are proud to call their own. We are happy to contribute to this with kids’ beds that are stylish, cool and that can accompany them on their dreamy adventures from tot right through to teen.

Choose our kids’ beds for quality and assurance.

Scallywag Kids provide quality kids beds to suit any interior. Our kids beds journey proves that we put our all into each manufactured product to bring you and your little ones comfort and style. Browse our extensive range of kids beds on our website, or get in touch with us if you need any further information. Call us on 01924 900575 or email us at