Single Beds

Scallywag Kids have been manufacturing bedframes for kids since 1956 and our charming selection of children’s single beds stand testament to over 60 years of dedication to making comfy, stylish, and practical beds! We manufacture all our single beds using impressively durable Scandinavian timber, ensuring they can withstand even the most rambunctious kids while helping forest sustainability. Plus, we source sustainable pinewood from managed forests, so our beds are a great choice for the environment too.

Styles of Single Beds for Kids

Standard Single Beds: our standard kids’ single beds come in a range of styles and colours to suit every bedroom. Whether you’re looking for a classic wooden single bed or a more modern style, we have plenty of practical and charming beds available. Many of our single beds can also be converted into bunk beds and are also a great choice for adults – as are the range of double and king size beds we make especially for the grownups!

Small Single Beds: looking to save on space with no compromise on comfort or quality? You can customise our single beds to be shorter or narrower – or even shorter and narrower if space really is at a premium! We can also provide under-bed storage, so you can make the most of your space.

Starter Beds: we have also created the ideal first beds for toddlers and small children. These single beds come with high sides to stop children from tumbling out of bed at night, while a space at the end on one side makes it easy to climb in and out. These sturdy bedframes are available in two main colours (white or grey) with 5 shades available for the end panel for a splash of colour if you’re looking for a contrast.

Children’s Single Beds

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