Box Room Beds

Find the best kids beds for small rooms in our specialist box room beds section. Scallywag Kids box room beds are the ideal sizes for rooms where space is at a premium! Whether you’re looking for short beds, narrow beds, or even short and narrow beds, we have an extensive collection of children’s single beds, cabin beds, starter beds, and bunk beds to fit your requirements. All our small room beds are sturdy enough for adults too. They are manufactured in the UK using eco-friendly pine.

Space Saving Beds for Small Rooms

Our main styles of beds for small rooms are shorty beds and narrow beds. Scallywag Kids’ shorty beds are the ideal short beds for box rooms, starting from 179cm in length. We also have a range of narrower beds available, which start from 84cm in width. Our ultimate space saving beds are both short and narrow, available in a range of configurations to perfectly fit your room. Our smaller beds are not a compromise on comfort or style, however! We have manufactured all of our beds for superior durability and comfortable sleeping. They are available in a range of colours and styles to suit your room.

Cabin Beds for Box Rooms

Our high sleeper and mid sleeper cabin beds are a great solution for small bedrooms. These beds allow extra space for desks, drawers, and other bedroom furniture items below the bed. Our cabin beds for small rooms are available with straight or curved ladders, which can attach to either side of the bed. You can also customise the bedroom furniture you would like to accompany your new cabin bed, including trundle and chair beds for extra sleeping space.

Box Room Beds

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