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Cabin Beds

Scallywag Kids Cabin Beds are an immensely popular style with children and parents alike for their custom colours, durable and eco-friendly pinewood frames, and versatile storage options. We offer a wide range of beds and matching furniture that will provide practical solutions without compromising on style. We manufacture all our children’s cabin style beds in standard sizes and narrow or shorty options, so you can find the ideal bed for any size room.

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Cabin Bed Styles

From convertible to shorty and narrow beds, we have many cabin styles available. All these beds can come with a curved or straight ladder that you can attach to either side of the bed. The Convertible option consists of a Starter Bed with a Cabin Conversion Kit which can be replaced with a High Sleeper or Bunk Conversion Kit later. The safety rails can be removed when not using with a conversion kit, transforming this into a traditional bed.

The Scallywag Exclusive Cabin Bed is non convertible, but provides a smaller footprint due to the shape of the leg (8cm shorter & 4cm narrower). The sleeping space provided is the same in both styles. We have suggested furniture packages, however you can select your own configurations from the Products tab. You can also choose the colours you like and add a mattress and fitted or waterproof sheets at your convenience.

Available in 9 colour options:

Exclusive Cabin Beds with Desks, Drawers, and More!

Our exclusive mid sleeper cabin beds are incredibly compact yet comfortable, making them ideal for rooms where space is limited. With lengths starting from just 181cm, these beds are also available in 8 bright or understated colour options so you’re sure to find the right match for your child’s room. These beds can come with a selection of under-bed furniture, including a desk, wardrobe, drawers, shelves, and storage units.

Cabin Beds for Small Rooms

We also have shorty and narrow cabin beds available for small rooms. These cosy beds can save you even more room while still offering the great storage options you’re looking for with the cabin style. Our narrow beds start from 83cm wide and our shorty beds from 181cm long so you’re sure to save on space with these options (which can also be combined in the form of narrow shorty beds).

Convertible Children’s Cabin Beds

When you buy a toddler’s starter bed with Scallywag Kids, you then get the option to convert your bed into a cabin bed in later years. Our bed conversion kits also include kits for turning starter beds into traditional single beds, bunk beds, and high sleepers.

How to Choose a Cabin Bed

It can be tricky to decide which style of cabin bed will be best for your space, particularly when there’s lots of customisation options available to you! Here are a few things to consider in choosing your perfect bed from Scallywag Kids:

  • Price: choosing a cabin bed is highly cost effective, as you’re getting bedroom storage and extra space as well as the bed itself. However, within our range we have catered to a range of budgets depending on the type of price you are looking for. We also frequently have factory seconds available, which have slight cosmetic imperfections but are totally structurally sound.
  • Storage: we always aim to make our beds as practical as possible, which is why we have lots of storage options available with our cabin bed range. Choose from desks, drawers, shelves, wardrobes, and other storage units for under the bed. You can also add a hook-on shelf for the convenient storage of books and other night-time essentials.
  • Space Available: whether you have space to spare or need room-saving solutions, we have a range of cabin bed sizes to save the day, including shorty, narrow, and narrow shorty options. In itself, a cabin bed is a great space saver with under-bed storage options.
  • Ladder Style: we have curved or straight ladders available. A straight ladder can help you save a bit more space if this is a priority.
  • Essential Extras: do you have a mattress and sheets at the ready or would you like to complement your new bed with a new perfect-fit mattress and fitted/waterproof sheets? You can easily add these as extras!

Still can’t decide what style of bed is best for you? We have written an in-depth guide to help you choose the perfect cabin bed.

Cabin Beds

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