Mid Sleeper/Cabin Beds

Our hugely popular range of Scallywag Children’s Cabin Beds and Midsleeper Beds, was inspired by our own children. We have two ranges to choose from.

Scallywag Convertible Midsleeper Cabin Beds:

A Starter Bed with a Cabin Conversion Kit. The standard sized starter bed can later be combined with a High Sleeper Conversion Kit or a Bunk Conversion Kit, alleviating the need to replace your child’s bed as their needs change. In later years, the Starter Bed can be used alone as a traditional bed without the safety rails.

Scallywag Exclusive Midsleeper Cabin Bed:

A non convertible midsleeper cabin bed. This style provides a smaller footprint without compromising on sleeping space or quality. With an overall length from as little as 181cm, this is the most compact cabin bed on the market.

Available in 8 colour options….

Ladders: In both styles ladders can be curved or straight and positioned on the left or right at assembly.

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