Convertible Beds

Our range of convertible kid’s beds are loved by parents and with good reason. We all know that family life is chaotic and that things can change rapidly, so whether your child outgrows their bed or a new addition to the family requires the introduction of a bunk bed our convertible beds can prove to be a valuable asset. Easily change these beds to fit your new needs with our conversion kits which can transform a bed into a high sleeper, bunk bed, or cabin bed.

5 panel and 2 frame colour options available.

2 frame colours….

5 panel colours….

Save yourself the unnecessary expense and hassle of purchasing a new bed every time your sleeping needs change with a convertible bed which can solve your problems for minimal cost and effort. Whilst these beds certainly allow you to prepare for the future, don’t forget you are getting an incredible bed now as these convertible kids beds are as stylish and well designed as all our other children’s beds and bedroom furniture.

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