High Sleeper Beds

Our range of pinewood children’s high sleeper beds are designed not just to look great in kids’ rooms but to also provide the ideal use of space, with desks, wardrobes, extra beds, and plenty of other storage options available. These high sleeper beds have been manufactured by Scallywag Kids from our UK factory and we use superior quality, environmentally friendly pine bed frames to ensure each bed is made to last throughout childhood, teen years, and even adulthood. Recommended age 6+.
Styles of High Sleeper Bed
The Scallywag Kids Convertible High Sleeper Bed consists of a Starter Bed (the perfect first bed for a toddler) with a High Sleeper Conversion Kit for when your little one grows older. This package also offers the flexibility to replace the conversion kit with a Cabin or Bunk Bed kit if you change your mind later down the line. If you need to bring the high sleeper bed down a peg or two later, simply remove the Conversion Kit and you have a traditional single bed without assembling the safety rails. Our convertible beds really do have all the bases covered!

The Scallywag Kids Exclusive High Sleeper Bed is supplied with an integral desk and two shelves. This model is not convertible; however, it does provide a smaller frame without losing sleeping space. Exclusive range high sleeper beds 8cm shorter and 4cm narrower overall than the Convertible High Sleeper – all without compromise on quality or stability.

5 panel and 2 frame colour options available.

2 frame colours….

5 panel colours….

High Sleepers with Desks and Wardrobes
The great thing about high sleeper beds is the amount of space you can save on keeping furniture below the bed. Our high sleepers can come with an integral desk or free-standing desk, as well as many wardrobe, shelving, and storage unit options. Our high sleepers with chair beds have also proved very popular as these comfy futon beds are great for sleepovers! All of our high sleeper beds can be supplied with a straight or curved ladder, which can be attached to either side of the bed.
High Sleeper Beds
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