High Sleeper Beds

Our ranges of Kid’s high sleeper beds are designed not just to look good, but to provide a great use of space with desks, sleepover beds & storage options.
We manufacture two styles of High Sleeper Beds:
The Scallywag Convertible High Sleeper Bed consists of a Starter Bed with a High Sleeper Conversion Kit. This offers the flexibility to replace the Conversion Kit with a Cabin or Bunk Bed Conversion kit. If you need to bring them down a peg or two later, simply remove the Conversion Kit and you have a traditional bed without assembling the safety rails.
The Scallywag Exclusive High Sleeper Bed is supplied with an integral desk and two shelves. This model is not convertible, however it does provide a smaller footprint without losing sleeping space. The Exclusive range is 8cm shorter and 4cm narrower overall than the Convertible High Sleeper; all without compromise on quality or stability.

The Ladders & Furniture are common to both styles of High Sleepers. Ladders, can also be assembled on the left or right hand side and as with all of our beds, they are sturdy and robust enough for adults too.

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