Mid Height / Cabin Beds

Scallywag Modular Cabin Beds: The flexible option, consisting of a Starter Bed with a Cabin Conversion Kit. The standard sized starter bed can later be combined with a High Sleeper Conversion Kit or a Bunk Conversion Kit, alleviating the need to replace your child’s bed as their needs change. If you want to bring them down a peg or two in later years, the Starter Bed can be used alone as a conventional bed without the safety rails.

Scallywag Exclusive Cabin Bed: A complete all in one option, providing a smaller footprint without compromising on sleeping space or quality. With an overall length from as little as 181cm, this is the most compact cabin bed on the market.

Available in 8 colour options….

Ladders: In both styles ladders can be curved or straight and positioned on the left or right at assembly.

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