Shorty Beds

When you’re looking to save space in your child’s room with no compromise on comfort or quality, Scallywag Kids shorty beds are the ideal solution! Our range of shorty beds include practical yet stylish single beds, toddlers’ starter beds, mid sleeper cabin beds, and captain’s beds with a range of storage choices. These beds measure in at only 181cm in length (compared to our standard beds, which measure in at 196cm long). It’s a small change that makes a big difference for saving space! Shorty beds are also available in narrow styles (starting from 83cm in width).

5 panel and 2 frame colour options available.

2 frame colours….

5 panel colours….

Shorty Beds with Storage

Many of our beds come with great storage options, including desks, drawers, shelves, wardrobes, and cupboards. We have created many storage combinations for our bed so you can find the best selection of furniture for your child’s bedroom. Customisation doesn’t stop there either – you can also choose the colours of many parts of each bed from our core selection of 8 shades.

Shorty Single Beds

Our charming wooden single kids’ beds are also available as shorty beds/narrow beds when you’re looking for a space saving solution for your child’s new bed. These include our starter beds for toddlers, which are single beds with high sides for enhanced night time safety.

Shorty Cabin Beds

For the ultimate choice in storage for your shorty bed, cabin beds are a great choice. These beds use a ladder with enough room underneath to have a desk, wardrobe, shelves, drawers, and even spare beds for sleepovers (check out the chair beds and trundle beds we have created for the ideal sleepover beds!) When you’re already concerned about saving room, a cabin bed really helps because you’re getting double the use out of the space available.

Shorty Beds

Here we’ve listed all the Scallywag Kids beds we offer in the shorty bed style:

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