Toddler Beds

Our collection of toddler beds are the ideal first beds for growing kids. These charming wooden beds for toddlers have high sides to stop your little one from rolling out of bed at night, so your child will be safe and sound at night in a cosy and comfortable bed. Plus, an opening at the end of the bed on one side makes it easy to clamber in and out without compromising on safety during sleep.

Scallywag Kids have been creating comfortable and practical children’s beds and matching bedroom furniture since 1956. We manufacture these bedframes in our UK factory using the highest quality Scandinavian redwood pine, which is highly durable – really a must for a toddler’s first bed! All our timber is sourced from sustainably managed forests, so our beds are a great choice for the environment too.

5 panel and 2 frame colour options available.

2 frame colours….

5 panel colours….

Starter Beds for Toddlers

Our starter beds are the best transitional bed option from a cot, providing more room and independence while also retaining safety features ideal for small children. These cosy beds are also very comfortable and comforting too, providing toddlers with a feeling of security when they are tucked up at night and you with peace of mind.

Convertible Toddler’s Beds

As we want our customers to get the most out of their Scallywag beds, our starter toddler beds can be converted into a cabin bed, high sleeper bed, or bunk bed when your child grows older. With a Scallywag Kids conversion kit it’s easy to get the bed you need at every stage without needing to buy a totally new bed. That’ll save you time and money down the line!

Toddler Beds

We supply beds for toddlers in white and grey bedframe shades, with a choice of five colours for the end panel of the bed. Browse our toddler beds below, available in standard, narrow, and shorty styles:

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