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When Should My Child Make the Transition?

Time flies by from first placing your baby into their cot. Before you know it, your little one will need to move on to their own ‘big boy’ or ‘big girl’ bed. But for first-time parents, the tricky question will arise: when is the right time for my child to sleep in their own bed?

Here at Scallywag Kids, we don’t claim to have all the answers (far from it!) but we do have a pretty strong piece of advice on the question of when to think about moving your toddler to their own bed.

Our answer is…

(drumroll please)

… As soon as possible!

Whether or not your child has spent their first year or so occasionally sharing your bed, or if you are lucky enough that they’ve remained in their own sleeping space, we think that it’s important to move them into a starter bed as soon as you can. Here are the reasons why:

They need their own space

Bedtime is a sacred time – not just for your child but for you as well. For your little one, sleeping alone in a proper bed is one of the first real steps towards growing up. Having their own space also establishes a routine of independence and self-soothing.
For those who previously shared a room with their child, you’ll have the added bonus of getting back to your own space as well.


Some children find the comfort of sleeping next to a parent provides them with a sense of security. Whilst not recommended on grounds of safety, this can also develop into a habit if it continues too long into their toddler years, disrupting their ability to gain independence and self-soothe. Not to mention, unless you’re lucky enough to have a super king-size bed, you may find things start getting a little cramped! A colleague’s husband recently stated that “the only place to get a decent night’s sleep is in the cot, because no-one else wants to stay in it!”

New additions

The timing can also be determined by a new addition on the way. There is a danger that when a new baby arrives your toddler may, understandably, feel threatened by invasion. To avoid this, we recommend easing the transition by moving them into their new bed at least six weeks before the new baby is due. You can also make it even more exciting for them by letting them pick out their own new bedding or the colour of their brand new bed.


When transitioning from a cot, you are sure to know the time is right when you hear your child fall out of it! This is often the first indication that your little one has mastered the art of climbing, but the landing still needs to be worked on! Having a starter bed for your little one to move into once they’ve hit this adventurous, explorative stage is essential to help avoid bumps and bruises.

Suitable First Beds

Choose a starter bed or toddler bed supplied complete with safety rails to prevent your little bundle from tumbling out. When that danger has passed, your little one can graduate to a ‘proper bed’ by simply removing the safety rails.

The Scallywag kids starter bed can be converted at a later date into a midsleeper bed, a high sleeper bed, or even a bunk bed, all with matching furniture and a range of vibrant colours. Scallywag have designed their starter beds to grow with your child, so it can be the first and only bed you ever need to purchase for them!

Moving into a starter bed is an important step for you and your child. By choosing well, you can avoid the extra expense of an ‘in between’ sized bed and children feel more grown up. Another important consideration is choosing a bed that is large enough and sturdy enough for adults too, so that you can enjoy snuggling up together for those all-important bedtime stories.

When everyone gets a good night’s sleep, you’ll cherish the morning cuddles even more.