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It is almost Christmas which means presents – especially for those of us with kids. We have compiled a list of the top toys and tech predicted to fly off the shelves this year as people frantically try to complete their children’s Christmas list. Whether you are wondering if your child’s ideal gift is in high demand or are looking for inspiration and gift ideas this article will be your secret weapon in achieving gift-giving success this Christmas.


Baby dolls have always been a big hit at Christmas but Luvabella may be the most popular and most advanced yet. Described as having true-to-life facial expressions and personality, she plays like a real baby and is designed to develop much like a real baby too as she goes from “baby babble” to ‘learning’ over 100 words and phrases. Able to play peek-a-boo and react to being tickled Luvabella will provide your child with hours of fun as they care for and play with her and her interactive accessories.


For many parents seeing Hatchimals make this list is unsurprising. They were massive following their release last year and that remains true this year. The Hatchimals range has gifts of all sizes from stocking fillers to a hatchery nursery. These eggs hatch to reveal a playable toy pet – the smaller eggs offer small colleggtibles whilst the larger eggs contain an interactive Hatchimal. Once your child has hatched the egg to reveal an interactive Hatchimal they can take their new pet though three stages teaching them to walk, talk, dance and play among other things.

Disney Cars 3 – Lightning McQueen

Following the Cars 3 movie which was released earlier this year, Cars toys are expected to be in high demand this Christmas with the Disney Cars 3 RC Lightning McQueen predicted to be particularly popular. With 4 direction manoeuvrability children are sure to enjoy this Christmas as they race their very own lightning McQueen around.

Teach n Tag Movi

Fisher-Price are one of the most trusted brands when it comes to great gifts for young children and with amazing products like the Teach n Tag Movi it is unsurprising they are so loved by parents. The Teach n Tag Movi is a brilliant gift idea for children who are possibly too young to tell you what they would like for Christmas. Designed to keep children thinking and moving the Teah n Tag Movi is a fun and engaging toy which offers three ways to play and more than 60 faces. This cool robot will help with learning about the alphabet, animals, shapes and more in fun interactive ways including answering questions and following directions.

Lego Boost

Build your very own Lego robot and using the app create instructions for it with drag and drop style coding this Christmas, with Lego Boost. The fun building experience of Lego has been combined with modern tech to bring kids a gift with many dimensions of self-expression and unlimited creative opportunities. The fun will never run out as you can build and rebuild over and over again with 5 different robots to be made as well as all the unique creations your child can come up with.

Hopefully this has made your Christmas shopping a little bit easier. Here at Scallywag kids we work hard to make sure kids have an amazing adventure every day and that includes helping you find the greatest Christmas gifts for them but if you need more space in their bedroom for their new toys take a look at our cabin beds and children high sleepers or maybe you just need a new toy box.