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Cabin Beds Guide

There are many types of beds available including a variety of styles and sizes. Here at Scallywag Kids we design and manufacture an excellent selection of the available options with a focus on the beds which are best for kids. But a bed that is good for kids is also good for the adults too. Whilst comfort and style are imperative for keeping children happy, parents and carers care far more about other aspects such as safety. We believe that our children’s cabin beds are one of the best options for pleasing both children and parents alike when it comes to helping create an amazing bedroom and provide a great night’s sleep, all at factory direct prices.

Choosing the perfect bed for anyone is no mean feat, which is why we have created this guide to help you understand the benefits of cabin beds and see how they could be the ideal sleeping solution for you and your children.

What is the difference between Cabin Beds, Mid Sleeper Beds and Mid Height Beds?

There is no difference. These are simply the various terms used to describe the same style of bed.


Do Cabin Beds Save Space?

Cabin beds are about saving space as much as they are about sleeping. With space underneath the platform these beds present the perfection solution for providing storage in small bedrooms. Our children’s cabin bed range is made to work seamlessly alongside our storage solutions in size, shape and style allowing you to put your storage underneath leaving more space for play. For artistic children or those with homework, there are even options which provide a desk which neatly pushes back under the bed when they have finished using it.


Are Cabin Beds Durable?

Cabin beds are designed for children, and whilst we cannot testify to the quality of other manufacturers’ beds, our cabin beds have been tried, and very much tested by our own children. Scallywag Kids cabin beds are made in the knowledge that they could be used by children of a range of ages and designed to stand up to the activeness of younger kids whilst easily withstanding the larger size of older children and even adults. Like all our beds they are made with the very best quality materials and craftmanship and are perfectly suited for staying with your child from a young age through to their teen years and beyond.

Are Children’s Cabin Beds Safe?

Yes. As with all questions we can only answer with 100% certainty for our own beds, but our kid’s cabin beds are made with safety in mind. We understand that our beds are made for kids and we would never produce anything that was unsafe to anyone, especially not young children to whom personal safety may not be as apparent. Safety rails are in place to prevent falling whilst your child sleeps and its sturdy, durable structure also ensures that these beds are safe for children. Throughout the range you will notice that many of our cabin beds have rounded edges to further prevent and reduce possible injuries.

Are Cabin Beds Expensive?

Cabin beds are one of the most cost-effective purchases you could make. They enable you to do more with a small bedroom and their durable, high quality structure means they last a long time, saving the expense of buying another bed a couple of years after your first purchase. Not to mention, we have amazing prices on all our beds and furniture including these cabin beds.

Are Cabin Beds Stylish?

Ours certainly are. With a selection of different styles which all work together with our furniture and storage to create a consistent look throughout a room, our wide array of cabin beds is sure to have a selection of designs you love. We also offer our children’s cabin beds in a range of colour options, so you can customise the look to suit you, your child, and their bedroom.

You can view our fantastic range of children’s cabin beds here.